Forgiveness: The Keys to Letting Go of Grudges

One of the inevitable things that one person can do to another is hurting them. There is probably no one in this world who has not been hurt by the actions or words of another. When this happens, anger and resentment build up within ourselves. Is it a pleasing feeling? No, it is not. Thus, working to stop feeling such is a must—embracing forgiveness and moving forward is the best way.

Different people perceive forgiveness differently. But in general, all processes of forgiveness involve the decision to let go. However, it is not guaranteed that the pain will immediately fizzle out once you are ready to let go of resentment. But forgiveness does lessen that grip, freeing you from being controlled by that person who caused the pain. It is because forgiveness can establish a feeling of understanding and compassion. It may not mean forgetting, but it means tranquilizing. The peace and serenity that you get from forgiving help you go on with your life with contentment.

In essence, being hurt by someone, especially someone dear to you, can cause much anger and sorrow. But if you choose to dwell on those hurtful events or situations, you can never get away from being a hostage of that kind of hostility. It will crowd your positive feelings, which is never a great place to be in.

A book about Facets of life by Teresa Dye tackles the essence of forgiveness and various parts of life. Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart is a light read but can provide powerful insights, making it the perfect book for everyone. This book is grounded in reality about life, speaking from all different kinds of encounters. Dye’s debut book, Poetry to Live By, is available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn about the keys of letting go of grudges, feel free to read on:

Address the Pain

Sometimes, circumstances are not visible or obvious. It can be caused by the imperfections of your other half, or maybe it’s the things that other people inconspicuously say. When this happens, you will feel confused, leading you to have a hard time forgiving. To gain clarity, examine the people in your life—your parents, siblings, classmates, spouse, workmates, children, and even yourself—and assess their roles in your life. This will give you an idea of who in your life needs forgiveness, providing you with a place to start.

Go through It

It would be best to never avoid the pain by keeping yourself busy and hiding it from yourself. If you do, you will be filled with so much negativity, making you feel isolated. As compared to when you release and express it, you will create more space for positivity. Hence, don’t shy away from feeling your emotions since we all are wired to feel.

Reflect on It

Reflection is also one of the subjects that Teresa Dye tackles in her book, as it is an element that can also give a person a chance to assess their life. Instead of doing things the same way you’ve always done them, reflecting allows you to improve your talents and assess their efficacy. In other words, it is about positively evaluating what you do and why you do it and then determining whether there is a better or more efficient way to do it in the future. So, devote time for self-reflection each day of your life. In fact, many have attested that self-reflecting during mornings and nights has done so much goodness in their lives.

Develop Courage

Your journey in forgiving will be more serene and plain sailing once you manifest courage. Also, practice tolerating minor slights without retaliating. In that case, you provide a gift to everyone—not just the other person, but everyone else that person may injure in the future due to your rage.

Ultimately, forgiveness is not easy to do. Nevertheless, keep in mind that just because you’re dealing with forgiveness doesn’t imply you’re going to fail at it. Forgiveness is a process that requires time, patience, and perseverance. It is excellent to practice forgiveness if you have focused on positively transforming your inner reality.


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